Superman: Action Comics, Volume 1: Path of Doom

Dan Jurgens (Writer),

Tyler Kirkham (Artist), Patrick Zircher (Artist), Stephen Segovia (Penciler),

Art Thibert (Inker), Ulises Arreola (Colourist), Rob Leigh (Letterer), Arif Prianto (Colourist)


31215986I decided to read this volume for two simple reasons: 1) Dan 2) Jurgens. 

One of my all-time favourite Superman story arcs is ‘The Death of Superman’, which Dan Jurgens also wrote back in 1993. So I couldn’t refuse reading this volume Path of Doom when I first laid eyes on it, and true to form, I loved every second of it.

There’s a lot to take in: New Earth Superman gets into it with Lex Luthor, who (finally) gets his wish and becomes Metropolis’ new protector. Then Doomsday shows up, and then Clark Kent (without powers + a broken arm), and then Wonder Woman… and then the feeling that it’s 1993 all over again.

I sometimes feel like the only Superman fan who enjoyed the Death of Superman, and seeing some of the reviews of that story, I’m sure there will be hate for Path of Doom from DC purists. After all, Doomsday is undeniably a One dimensional character, and the only way to kill him is to hit him until he (you you) drops. And I’m sure somebody’s gonna criticize Jurgens for using the same plot/villain he did two decades ago, back in 1993.

To that I say… GOOD! That’s why it’s called “Rebirth”!

Not only is this a great retelling of one of the most famous Superman stories of all time – ideal for new readers – but it’s also a perfect opportunity to show a more “happy ending” of the classic story, where Superman beats Doomsday without dying in the process.

Ultimately, it’s enough to make me want to read more; learning Lex Luthor’s true angle (assuming there is one), where this new Clark Kent came from (and what happened to his powers), and who this mysterious hooded overseer is. The only that could make this better is is Jurgens contributed to the artwork.

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