Brian Azzarello (Writer),

Cliff Chiang (Artist),

Tony Akins (Artist), Dan Green (Inker), Matthew Wilson (Colourist), Jared K. Fletcher (Letterer)


Image result for Wonder Woman, Volume 1: BloodWith the Justice League movie being released in November of this year, and the Wonder Woman film in May, I thought that – since I’ve finally decided to get back into reading comics again after nearly a decade – I might as well add Wonder Woman to my reading list. I was never into her numerous stand alone series as a kid, irrespective of the continuity, unless she was teamed up with the Justice League.

Then I saw the cover art of the Graphic Novel Wonder Woman VOL. 1: Blood, part of the New 52 continuity. Wonder Woman, sword drawn, fending off against a barrage of arrows. The artwork was a lot more different than I’m accustomed to; it had a Frank Miller vibe to it, courtesy of Cliff Chiang.

I wasn’t disappointed, to say the least.

This is the first story I’ve read written by Brian Azzarello, but I enjoyed the revamped origin he supplied to WW in this New 52 retelling. Instead of being “made from clay” and blessed by multiple Gods/Goddesses, WW is a lovechild between her mother Hippolyta and Zeus. Azzarello sets up Hera – infamous for antagonizing Zeus’ children in Greek mythology – as an adversary, and is able to depict her vengeful side while also making her into an astute and enjoyable character to read. Oh, and you’ve gotta love the minions, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Centaur; Chiang’s design was ingenious. My favorite character in this Volume was Strife; she’s powerful enough to get the Amazons to fight and kill each other, and is arrogant enough to irritate WW, who she clearly outmatches.

It’s a good revamp plot wise, but for some, Chiang and later Akins artwork may be an acquired taste. The plot is sometimes hard to grasp from a first read, but by the end, it’s enough to set up the stage at the time being for upcoming releases, while leaving the reader wanting to see more. Coming from a guy who almost never read Wonder Woman growing up (Outside of Justice League comics or crossovers), this is a perfect introduction for new fans, and a new twist for older ones.


Beats beating up Cheetah for the millionth time.

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