Action Comics Volume 1: Superman and the Men of Steel

Grant Morrison (Writer)

Rags Morales, Andy Kubert (Pencillers)

Brent Anderson, Gene Ha, Brad Walker (additional artists)

Rick Bryant, Jesse Delperdang, John Dell, Sean Parsons, Bob McLeod (inkers)

Brad Anderson, Art Lyon, David Curiel (colorists)

Patrick Brosseau (letterer)

Rags Morales & Guy Major (Collection Cover Artists)


81rf5DsiPtL.jpgDC Comics reinvented/relaunched themselves via the New 52 in September of 2011 (literally the same month I started college). I missed the boat entirely, including a second relaunch via rebirth in 2016, having not touched comics in nearly a decade. So, having already read Volume 1 of Superman, Rebirth, I decided to give this a try. After all, it was written by Grant Morrison; he, Dan Jurgens, and John Byrne are my favorite Superman writers anyway.

I personally loved this reinvention of Superman (while it lasted); gone is the generic Golden-age, Christopher Reeves-esque boy scout that everyone knows and loves (technically, that routine’s been gone for a while – thank you Byrne). Seeing the Man of Steel feared and hated by civilians and authorities alike, and is also a Superman that can be hurt to the point of shedding blood (without Doomsday pounding him). Clark Kent is also a no-nonsense reporter, not afraid to stand up to cops and corrupt business men a like. Jimmy is no longer comedy relief or a suck up to Clark. Lex Luthor is an overly nonchalant, energy drink sipping, duplicitous egotist… Basically everything I would except from a post-modern age Superman story, but with enough dazzling artwork and brilliant writing to avoid too much predictability.

I liked reading this young, inexperienced Superman, one with weakness, the impulsiveness of Spike Spiegel, and with all the relatability and none of the rudimentary formula of the 1940’s shorts.

Kubert, Delperdang, and Anderson keep my attention with their stunning artwork.  Rags Morales is an amazing cover artist, and Brad Walker, Jay David Ramos and David Curiel are new favourites art wise, pertaining to the Action Comic Back-up Adventures towards the end of the volume. These stories succeed in giving more depth to the expanding cast of the New 52 universe, namely the likes of Steel and Ma/Pa Kent.



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