Wonder Woman Vol 7: War Torn


The new creative team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch takes over! A mythological force seemingly tied to Wonder Woman’s role as War has attacked the Amazons, and as her own people lose faith in her, a new queen arises to take her place! Guest-starring Superman, Swamp Thing, Aquaman and more. Collects WONDER WOMAN #36-40 and ANNUAL #1.


I had so much fun reading the first 6 Volumes of Wonder Woman’s New 52, written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Cliff Chiang, that I wasted no time to continuing the sage with Vol 7, which features new writing and art talent. Meredith Finch now assumes writing duties, with her husband David Finch handling the artwork. Normally I dislike continuous changes in the creative lineup of comics, but in this case, it seems that the editors made a fairly decent choice.

The plot is an aftermath of the first 6 volumes; WW is struggling to fulfill her role as the God of War, a member of the Justice League, and the Queen of the Amazons. The latter don’t trust her, and – under the advice of Hippolyta’s sister, Derinoe – they even go as far as to elect a new Queen, in the form of Donna Troy. The climax is one that doesn’t really surprise me; Under the leadership of Donna Troy, several Amazons lay siege on the male Amazons, who WW allowed to stay on the island, and the latter are all slaughtered. In the wake of this atrocity, WW must now fight not only Donna Troy, but also to restore the trust of the Amazons in her leadership.

The Finch’s successfully crafted an entertaining follow-up to the work of Azzarello and Chiang. Diana is portrayed is a morally conflicted character, which is deeply explored and somewhat concluded by the end of the volume. Not only is she juggling three roles – a God, a Queen, and a superhero – but even questions her own moral compass as well.
WW was always an interesting character within the mainstream roster of DC heroes, in the sense that – out of all the Justice League members – WW seems to lack a strict code against killing. Unsurprisingly, the reader will see her clash with Batman, who we all know absolutely refuses to take a life. It was interesting to see how a “God of War” would rethink her moral compass, even against a villain that doesn’t share them.

Mrs.Finch paints an interesting picture with Donna Troy. Far from being the teen titan I remember, Troy is reinvented as a fiercely nationalistic symbol of Amazonian traditionalism, thus creating a Wolverine/Sabertooth relationship between herself and Diana. Troy is heartless and cruel, with a gung-ho enthusiasm to stay true to Amazonian principles, while Dianna is a bit more progressive, perhaps to distance herself from the inevitable cruel nature that comes with being a god of war.

However, this dynamic is a double edge sword. Perhaps to add more depth to Derinoe, Annual #1 reveals how an otherwise ageless Amazonian became an elderly woman,all while trying to prevent the treachery of man’s world to stretcher sister, as it did their former queen. As for Troy, her motivations are not clear,and seems to lack a mind of her own. It’s likely that she is a mouth-piece for Derinoe, or she’s a puppet with no mind of her own. Maybe the next volume will give more details.

I also noticed the complete absence of Gods in this story. Strife makes a brief cameo on one page, but apart from that, zilch. At least the Justice League and Swamp Thing make an appearance to make up for it. This is a nitpick at best, but the mythological aspect of WW is a defining aspect of her story, and the gods from the previous story arc disappear with no closure.

On the plus side, Mr.Finch has a good eye, with artwork that greatly exceeds the first 6 volumes. I still like Chiang’s efforts, but Finch’s approach is more contemporary and stylizeda and very consistent with the New 52 style set by other artists.

I’m the end, I read comics to have fun, and have fun I did. This is one of the times that changing the roster was something that I appreciated, and I was entertained from start to finish.

#ReadingChallenge2018 – 4

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