Why I Started Reading Comics Again

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Not too long ago, I wrote about why I stopped reading comics, but never why I decided to read them again.

In short, it was two things: First, life became so mundane that I started to crave new entertainment, as comics were the first option that came to my head. To put it another way, I missed reading comics.

The second was a video from one of my favourite YouTubers.

Had it not been for Raging Golden Eagle (as he calls himself) uploading the above video when he did, I wouldn’t have even known that DC Rebirth was a thing. Originally, I rolled my eyes and didn’t really care that much; DC must have rebooted their franchise for the millionth time, I remember thinking.

However, as 2017 came to a close, I began my Christmas shopping for the family, and it was finally time to buy something for the children (not my children, but the younger relatives in general). Not sure of what to buy for them, I walked past my local comic shop, and figured that if I couldn’t decide on a present, and kids wouldn’t have much use for a gift card, I walked into the comic shop and – by the time I checked out, had amassed a bill of around $100 Canadian on graphic novels. Among them was the latest issues of Wonder Woman rebirth, which then aroused a curiosity in the current state of DC. Besides, how could I think poorly of the Rebirth titles when I had just bought them for my younger relatives?

With that, I downloaded the DC app on my phone, and my first purchase was Superman Rebirth #1. The Death of Superman reference immediately grabbed my attention, and it wasn’t long before I had completed reading the entire first volume. In fact, that was the first graphic novel I reviewed after starting this blog.

In fact, my return to comic books is tied to why I started this blog in the first place. I don’t usually write reviews on the books I purchase, but I was surprised at how much I loved the new comics I was reading. Shortly after, I started this blog, and the rest is history.

I stopped reading comic books in 2008, so I missed a lot of important events in the DC Universe, namely Flashpoint, the entire New 52, Blackest Night, Brightest Day, the new Earth One Titles, Convergence, and of course Rebirth. I originally made it my goal to get “caught up” on the events that I missed, while also exploring some of the new series.

However, that was my original goal, but now, I just want to have fun. I’m more concerned about enjoying the comics than I read than being a comic book know-it-all. If I know that the comic is probably bad or confusing, than I don’t read or buy it; as much as I love Diversity and Comics ripping on crappy Marvel titles on his YouTube Channel, I personally refuse to buy or read bad comics.

In fact, if you’re looking for an in depth, historical analysis, then you won’t find it here. Most of the comics I read and review, I read blind (unless Diversity and Comics rips on it, of course), and I do it for a reason. I personally don’t see myself as a critic, actively looking for things to speak ill about in the work I read. Instead, I want each graphic novel or single issue that I read to stand on its own two feet; the author or artist may be a prick, but I won’t throw out the baby with the bath water (except that one time with Grant Morrison, but that won’t happen anymore. You can hold me to that!).

Certain things I didn’t like about the new DC, but now, if it isn’t overtly terrible as a concept, then I’m going to make an effort to enjoy it. Besides, while bad work is still bad work, what’s the point of reading comic books if you aren’t going to enjoy them?

As for Marvel, I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want to read their titles… Maybe only time will tell. I do plan on adding indie comic titles from numerous series, such as Arcana, Dynamite, IDW, Moonstone, and numerous others. Several manga titles are currently on my reading list, and I’m even looking for web comics to explore in he near future. One thing I have learned from my 8 1/2 hiatus is that putting my eggs in one basket was part of the reason I got bored with the titles I read. The goal henceforth is to not be insular, but to branch out and look for new things that grab my interest.

Novels? Novellas? Short Stories?

Well, I do want to review normal books that aren’t comics, but generally speaking, those take longer to read, and there’s far more information to retain sometimes, which in turn would lead to more sporadic reviews.

On the plus side, there are always tons of new releases available on Amazon – namely Kindle – and other sites like Kobo, my usual go-to places for buying new (and old) fiction. In addition, they’re usually very affordable, ranging around $1-3.99 on the best of days. I love good sci-fi, mystery, or thrillers when it comes to entertaining fiction, so if I have the time, I’ll definitely add those to my reading list as well. I do read mostly non fiction these days, and while they are great titles in their own right, they don’t really match the theme I’m trying to revolve this blog around, but only time will tell.











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