Superman Reborn

When Jon Kent is kidnapped and Clark and Lois start to lose their memories of him, Superman must find out who’s behind their memory loss! Dan Jurgens, Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason present the first monumental Superman crossover event following DC Rebirth that re-introduces Mr. Mxyzptlk! Collects ACTION COMICS #973-976 and SUPERMAN #18-19 in… Continue reading Superman Reborn

Harley Quinn Volume 1: Die Laughing

Welcome back to Harley Quinn’s crazy world on Coney Island…now get ready to wave goodbye, because everyone there just might get eaten alive! Harley’s gotta protect her neighborhood against an all-out zombie apocalypse! Break out the chainsaws, everybody! Then, Harley must set out on a journey that will take her around the world—and into the… Continue reading Harley Quinn Volume 1: Die Laughing

Action Comics Volume 3: Men of Steel

In these stories from ACTION COMICS #967-972, Lex Luthor is under attack--and only Superman can save him! When the world's most ingenious scientific mind took on the mantle of Metropolis' new Man of Steel, the world took notice--and so did the mysterious Godslayer! -DC COMICS Dan Jurgens (Writer), Tyler Kirkham (Artist), Patrick Zircher (Artist), Stephen Segovia (Artist) I'm still kicking myself for… Continue reading Action Comics Volume 3: Men of Steel

Superman Vol 2. Trials of the Super Son

Spoiler: Goliath is not a Bat. In these tales from SUPERMAN #7-13, Superman and Jon Kent are transported to Dinosaur Island to find the last of the Losers! Then, after a quick trip to the county fair, Jon meets his match in Damian Wayne—and the Super Sons’ fathers soon put the two young heroes through… Continue reading Superman Vol 2. Trials of the Super Son

Action Comics Vol.2 Welcome To The Planet

Look--down there on the ground! It's a guy, he's kinda's--Clark Kent?! As Metropolis recovers from the devastating attack of Doomsday, the mysterious figure claiming to be Clark Kent takes the spotlight to clear his name and prove once and for all that Clark Kent is not Superman! Writer Dan Jurgens (The Death of Superman)… Continue reading Action Comics Vol.2 Welcome To The Planet

Superman Vol. 1: Son Of Superman (Rebirth)

Peter J. Tomasi (Writer), Patrick Gleason (Writer, Artist),  Doug Mahnke (Artist), Jorge Jimenez (Artist), Alejandro Sanchez (Colourist), Rob Leigh (Letterer), Mick Gray (Inker), John Kalisz (Colourist) , Jaime Mendoza (Inker), Wil Quintana (Colourist)   I can't remember the last time I touched a Superman comic... or any comic in general for that matter; Probably a good eight years or so. So when I recently decided to get back into reading comics again, I… Continue reading Superman Vol. 1: Son Of Superman (Rebirth)